Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Interview and NEW Story :)


I have a new sexy story on Ellie Mack's Storytime Tryst, check it out!

Also, here I am being interviewed by Jan Bowles :)

Happy reading and have a lovely day!


Monday, 21 January 2013

I got a REVIEW :)

find it here--

so grateful :)


Chapter 9 is just about finished; I’m just doing the final touches :) it’s a lonnng chapter, well, longer than the last one!

I’ve also been working on a story for Ellie Mack’s Story-time Tryst (
I hope you like it, part one of four will be up on Wednesday 23rd January!

I’m also being guest blogged that day! I’m interviewed by Jan Bowles, where they’ll be more about my WIP’s amongst other things! check it out at (

Happy Reading
Much Love, Sam x

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hello and Happy New Year!

Yes, I know its late but surely I can still wish my lovely readers a happy new year? haha

Right, firstly I've decided on doing a good re-write of Damaged Goods, so they'll be a lot of changes so it won't be available for a while...

Secondly, just want to mention that there are two versions of With Regret, one is dirty and one is clean :) the storyline etc is identical though!!



Thirdly, I've been working on a poem, I've never done poetry before but thought I'd have a little shot at it for fun :) Enjoy!


Standing there, before me,
You expose to me your vulnerability
Staring back, eyes fixed,
Your fear of this shines beautifully

Approaching you, I see you tense,
Your apprehension firing
And you refuse to glance anywhere else
But into me, my headlights blinding

Your chest, smooth, raw
Respiring fast, though me, not me,
You say sweet silence,
Fuelling my intention of embracing this reality

Exploring your troubled journal,
Feeling the scars, your tragic beauty
Tracing along the marks of pain
From your last, their streak of cruelty

Locked away, encased with steal
Is your trust for one again
I don’t give up, I venture further
Despite you wanting to abstain

Taking your hand, gently with love
I lead you to the bed
Soft kisses I place on your neck
To diminish your worry, your dread

My heart opens when I see your tears
Though they are yet to stream, still buried within
I lay you down beneath me
I’m in control, committing sin

As I enjoy your worry, more than I dare to say
Feeling superior, confident,
As you hang on to my every demand, obey,
It’s the only way I know how to feel

Standing here, before you,
I refuse to expose any vulnerability
Looking back, eyes heavy lidded,
I’m hiding my fear so beautifully

Samantha Kay Copyright 2012-2013 All Rights Reserved